Body FX and Mini FX cosmetic procedures are performed to eliminate extra fat. Not only does a series of sessions improve the appearance of cellulite, it also tightens the treated skin. By creating a firmer silhouette in a one-step treatment, Body FX offer a unique option for patients.

The same procedure is tailored for different areas of the body during Body FX, but two different hand pieces are attached for the two versions of the procedure. Body FX addresses problem fat in larger areas of the body, like the abdomen, back, and thighs, whereas Mini FX targets smaller regions, including the neck, arms, and knees.

The devices provide non-surgical liposuction by first vacuuming the skin with a heated suction. The skin’s temperature is raised to between 108-109 degrees Fahrenheit, and the patient will feel the gentle force of the sensation as the skin is drawn up toward the device. This motion ensures that the energy is distributed evenly to the intended areas. Next, radio frequency energy is delivered to the area in pulses, effectively destroying fat cells. The combination of these modalities has been clinically proven to produce results on fatty tissue.

Body Fx and Mini FX treatment sessions are performed over a period of 6 weeks for optimal results. Patients will schedule an appointment once a week during this time, and will likely notice a change in the look of their cellulite after 2-3 sessions. Each treatment will last between 30 minutes to an hour. Body Fx and Mini FX eliminates body fat, with the added benefit of skin-tightening.

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