Turn Back the Clock Without Surgery—Try a Vampire Facial

Your skin undergoes changes as you grow older. Wrinkles form, sun damage and age spots develop, and you might be left feeling embarrassed about the aging face you see in the mirror.

Getting older might be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean your face has to show the lines and wrinkles that come with age. Gone are the days when a surgical face-lift was the only way to fight the signs of aging.  

If turning back the clock on your skin without surgery sounds too good to be true, it’s time to learn more about Vampire Facials. This cosmetic treatment gets its name because it uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to boost skin cell and collagen growth to tackle tough wrinkles.  

Our aesthetic team at Essence Skin Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, offers the latest in nonsurgical skin treatments to help you look your best at every age. While the Vampire Facial might sound scary, it’s extremely popular because it can minimize wrinkles, treat sun damage, and improve skin tone. Call our office to learn more and make your first appointment.

The age-defying benefits of Vampire Facials

Vampire Facials use your blood to enhance your skin and turn back the clock. The facials use PRP, which is a powerful, unique solution that’s made from your own blood. It contains high numbers of growth factors and stem cells to increase collagen production.

Vampire Facials with PRP deliver a boost to the cells in your skin. Treatment increases your body’s natural collagen production to tighten skin and minimize the look of lines and wrinkles. We recommend Vampire Facials to men and women who are bothered by mild to severe wrinkles like:

Along with treating all of the most common signs of aging, Vampire Facials offer a host of other benefits, including minimizing:

Our team develops customized facial treatment plans for each patient. We talk with you about your cosmetic concerns and help you decide if a Vampire Facial is right for you. 

What to expect during your Vampire Facial

Our aestheticians start your Vampire Facial by taking a small sample of your blood. It’s added to a centrifuge that separates the platelets, and we create a PRP solution personalized for your body. 

We inject the PRP solution into your treatment area, which could be around your eyes, nose, mouth, forehead, neck, or décolletage. Depending on the type of results you want to achieve, we can use topical PRP and Réjuvapen™ treatment or syringe injections to reach below the surface. 

Réjuvapen is a microneedling device that creates micro wounds across the surface of your skin. When the needles in the pen pierce your skin, the PRP solution uses those openings to seep into the layers of your skin to boost collagen production and cell revitalization. 

There’s no downtime with Vampire Facial treatment. It’s not unusual for skin to be red or swollen around injection sites, but side effects disappear within a day or two. Allergic reactions or other complications are extremely rare, because Vampire Facials use the natural benefits of your own blood. 

With a Vampire Facial, you might notice results immediately after treatment. Expect optimal results to develop about three weeks after treatment, as your body continues to produce more, healthier collagen to reduce wrinkles and firm skin. 

Are you curious whether a Vampire Facial could help you have younger-looking skin? Contact us at Essence Skin Care today. Give us a call, send us a message here on our website, or use our convenient online booking feature anytime.

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