Make Your Eyes Pop with Lash Extensions

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Celebrities including Katy Perry, Beyoncé, and Jennifer Lopez all use timesaving lash extensions to enhance their natural beauty, so why shouldn’t you? From permanent lash extensions that highlight your eyes to anti-aging chocolate facials combining rejuvenating cocoa, resveratrol, and açaí berry, the expert team at Essence Skin Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, works hard to keep you looking wonderful.

Lash extensions come in a range of materials, such as silk, cashmere, mink, sable, faux mink, and acrylic. They all create the look of fuller lashes for a more youthful appearance, eliminating the need to endlessly apply mascara.

Experience matters

Everything you apply in and around your eyes can affect your health, so always put your lashes in qualified hands. Our eyelash extension specialists educate you on the different lengths and types available to help you decide which eyelashes fit you best. They also explain how to care for your new lashes to keep them in tip-top shape.

Painless application

Simply close your eyes and let our skillful stylists meticulously apply your new lashes with medical grade, formaldehyde-free glue. Lash extensions can be attached to any natural lashes at least 3 millimeters long. Your stylist fits each extension about 1 millimeter above your natural lash root, in widths of 0.10 to 0.30 millimeters. Under 0.20 usually works best. Lashes can also be applied three at once via stacking. In the long run, bonding a single lash at a time usually works best. Either way, they last until your natural lash falls out, about every 6-8 weeks.

Protect the life of your lashes

Your new lash extensions can perfectly beautify the shades of your windows to the world.

And they can last longer when you follow a few simple guidelines.

Avoid products with oil

Your lash extensions may fall out faster if you use an oil-based eye makeup remover, which weakens the bond between glue and lash. Also check your makeup removers, eye shadows, and creams for hidden sources of oil.

Steer clear of water

While an adult woman’s body is made up of around 55% water, your new lashes need a break. They take a day or two to set, depending upon the adhesive used. So it’s best to wait a full two days before washing. When you do wash your face, be sure to brush out your lashes as instructed by your stylist.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Stay away from excessive heat from saunas, humid weather, heavy workouts, and hot yoga for the first few days following application.

Waterproof isn’t lash proof

Should you do decide to use any eye makeup, forgo the waterproof type, as removal can be difficult and may jeopardize your lash extensions’ adhesive. Apply only water-based mascara to the tips of the lashes. A lint-free cloth or sponge-tip applicator helps remove any makeup around the eye.

Find out why Essence Skin Clinic is continuously voted “Best Med Spa.” Founder Jennifer Sanneman, and our experienced aestheticians look forward to helping you achieve the best look possible. To learn more, call our clinic or schedule an appointment online.

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