Give Yourself the Gift of Permanent Cosmetics

See if this sounds familiar: You get out of bed, get dressed, and get your makeup just right so you can go out and face the day. You try to use products that are long-lasting and won’t smear or run, only to take it all off when you get home. Wouldn’t it more convenient to eliminate the rush and simply wake up looking your best? 

Permanent cosmetics is a fast-growing method of bonding color to the skin to avoid the stress of struggling to look your best. You can sport lip color, eye shadow, and perfect eyebrows all the time without having to spend hours in front of the mirror.

If you want to discover the benefits of permanent cosmetics, you’ll need an experienced and skilled practice to show you what the treatment can do for you. Dr. Ron Kolegraff and the staff at the Essence Skin Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota are just the team to help. 

What is permanent cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics is a type of cosmetic tattooing. With it, you can give yourself lipstick, eyebrows, and eyeliner custom-tailored to your tastes. It is applied directly to the skin permanently using micropigmentation. In addition to the cosmetic uses mentioned, it can also be used to:

It is an outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia and tailored to your needs depending on the extent of the work. 

What is the procedure?

After deciding what work you wish to have done, before the procedure you will likely be asked to:

After a topical anesthetic cream is applied, the treatment will start. With micropigmentation, fine strokes are applied to the skin using an airbrush type device, followed by another device that places the pigment a couple of inches under the skin. Expect pain to be minor but to vary depending on where the work is being done. Typically, it takes up to two hours.

What can you expect once it’s done?

Once the treatment is finished, expect redness and slight swelling, which will be treated with ointment. Mild discomfort is normal for about two days. You should be fully healed in about 2-3 weeks. 

You will receive a detailed regimen on post-care from your specialist regarding skin care, what you are likely to experience, and what to avoid. Be sure to follow your post-treatment instructions closely for best results. It generally takes a few treatments for best results, and while it is permanent, touch-ups over time may be necessary.

If you want to give yourself the gift of permanent cosmetics, make an appointment with Dr. Kolegraff and the Essence Skin Clinic today.

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